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HTML5 is the newest iteration of Hypertext Markup Language, the back-end coding system that dictates how Web pages should appear. HTML5 is designed to fix all those problems in one grand transition to a massively overhauled version of the web’s most popular language: HTML. HTML5 adds native tags for common document structures including headers, footers, sections, captions, and figures so that the browser itself will be able to intelligently display multi-page documents without plug-ins or custom applications.

Feature Of HTML5

  • HTML5 is a sweeping specification, with multiple new features and capabilities.
  • Website layout clearer to both coders and search engines.
  • HTML5 it also introduces a feast of APIs which allow you to make graphical drawings, store data offline and drag and drop.
  • Easier for the developer/designer to use.
  • HTML5 allows you to draw on a canvas, play a video, design better form, or build web applications that work offline.