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Toolbar for IE, FF and Chrome

Get Toolbar and Plugin for IE, FF developed with Agile Infoways.


Get developed Extension/Plugins like Alerts and Updates, Appearance, Bookmarks, Dictionaries and Language Packs, Download Management, Feeds, News and Blogging, Language Support, Photos, Music, Videos, Privacy and Security, Search Tools, Social and Communication, Tabs, Themes, Toolbars. Toolbar/Plugins/Extensions help you control user’s activities, promote your products, track activities and facilitate user to access certain features without accessing whole application.

Benefits of Toolbar/Plugin/Extension

  • Browser experience can be improved through toolbar/plugin/extension.
  • It is mainly used to improve the way it works or adding new functionality to be used while surfing the web.
  • Custom extensions allow personalizing browser experience.
  • Online business and communities can provide their customers with toolbar or sidebar.
  • Custom plugins allows user to create website and pages.

Agile Experience

Agile Infoways have team of experienced toolbars/plugins/extensions developers having extensive knowledge of XUL and COM programming. We have developed toolbars which allows user to block sites from being accessed, clip code, promote business etc. We hold mastery in Toolbar and Plugin development. Have a look at our portfolio!