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Toolbar & Plugin Browsers

AgileInfoways is renowned for offering web browser plug-in developments that enhance any browser functionalities for improved productivity. We all know that web browsers are the supreme mode to switch user's interest while making them familiar to new features which they would be experiencing for the first time.

A team of Toolbar & Plugin Browser developers, our experienced resources, specialize in

  • Plug-In Development
  • Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)
  • Development of Modest One Button Toolbar
  • Internet Explorer Toolbar
Toolbar & Browser Plugin development Service Offerings:
  • Auto-formatting Dynamic Toolbars based on Server Side Stimuli
  • Custom Firefox Development
  • Custom Firefox Extensions
  • Custom Firefox Toolbars
  • Custom Internet Explorer Toolbar Development
  • Internet Explorer Plug-Ins Development
  • Pop-up Blockers
  • Toolbar Building Services

Hire dedicated toolbar and browser plugin developers from AgileInfoways capable of designing and developing unique and precise toolbar add-on custom controls including:

  • Animated buttons
  • Elaborate drop-down menus
  • Radio controls
  • Scrolling windows
  • Search text boxes

Our developers also customize toolbars depending on nonspecific frameworks as per your business needs & their wide experience of working on various web browsers & platform combinations; empower them to deliver high quality Browser Plug-in solutions that you desire and deserve.

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