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Web Services are the medium of communication between two different devices, providing a software junction to exchange data effectively and securely over the network. With a wide variety of applications and gadgets providing different accessible mediums, it has become necessary to securely provide access to the web services with interfaces spanning stateless operations across the network.

Web Services Are The Medium of Communication

The major class of Web services consists of:

  • RESTful Web Services
  • OAuth Web Services

Using both the services at AGILE:

RESTful Web services are most simple, lightweighted, and scalable and provide very high performance .It uses XML message format along with SOAP/HTTP protocols to envelop and transport requests. It provides modifiable components to meet the ever changing demands even when the application is on the run. We have had experience with using this web services for interaction with mobile and web applications with a standard interface.

OAuth has been popular these days as a standard protocol for secure API authorization. It allows 3rd party application to allow limited access to the HTTP services. OAuth makes a distinction between the resource owner and the client, bridging both the consumers and the service providers with protected data. We have developed secure mobile, web and desktop application using OAuth authorization framework.