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Smarty, a template engine with its roots in PHP, allows to concisely differentiating the front-end of an application from the back-end, providing great flexibility in attributing sophistication at both levels. Smarty was largely driven to compliment PHP, and not as a replacement to it thereby rendering wider focus on flexibility and fast deployment.

Deemed to be a great fit, where the roles of designers and developer’s need to be sliced off, consider some of Smarty’s smart moves that might catch your interest for your next project.

Smarty Framework Development

Why choose Smarty?

  • Extremely fast and efficient, that allows smart compilation for real time changes only
  • Control what is available and what’s not within the templates
  • Open source and free to use backed by a great community of user’s
  • Provides security for 3rd party template access
  • Can be effectively married with HTML codes providing a sleek view of your coding structure

Smarty management with AGILE

We have provided solutions to a wide array of business by customizing Smarty templates and architectures ranging from simple blogs to high performance optimized video or E-learning websites running on the web.