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phpBB, an internet forum package written in Open Source is available under GNU license. It allows you to develop a professional looking, secure, multilingual forum. It is really easy to install phpBB and get your forum started with minimum efforts.

Agile have extensive experience of installing and customizing forums. We have experience of installing and customizing phpBB. We have updated existing phpBB blog to the latest version. References of such applications can be found on project portfolio.

Features of PHPBB

  • It facilitates you to select or add languages you want your forum to be displayed.
  • It facilitates to create groups with the option to exempt group leaders from group permission.
  • It facilitates new Newly Registered Users group for assigning permissions to newly registered users.
  • There are lots of facilities available to activate users and inactivate users.
  • There are lots of features available for creating and management of groups, rights and permissions of leaders and members of groups.