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Get Dynamic Websites and Web Applications developed with Agile Infoways.

Software framework allows user to design and develop a dynamic website, web applications and web services. Frameworks provide libraries for database access, templating framework and session management. Many frameworks follow the Model View Controller architectural pattern to separate data from business or presentation layer.

Agile have extensive experience of designing and developing Model View Controller based applications. Applications which allows user to manage content without effecting front end and back end.

Features of Framework based Applications

Some web application frameworks come with authentication and authorization framework.

They create a unified API to a database backend, enabling web applications to work with a variety of databases with no code changes.

They allow using more URLs by using pattern matching or URL rewriting.

They allow developing web pages with static part and dynamic part, which is code that generated HTML.

They facilitate caching of web documents in order to reduce bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag.