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Get Content Management application with Agile Infoways.

A Content Management System can be developed using Open Source or developed through custom coding. A content management system allows number of people to contribute and share stored data. Users have control access to data, based on roles user will be able to manage content. There are different types of CMS, Enterprise CMS, Web CMS, Document Management system, Mobil Content Management system, Component Content Management System, Learning Content Management System.

Benefits of Content Management System

CMS is based on a common web browser and thus allows user to edit content from anywhere, anytime.

With average knowledge of word processing, user can manage content easily.

It facilitates user to create roles and set permissions on who can manage content.

Consistency of design is preserved by maintaining content separate from design.

Navigation is automatically generated and adjusted based on the content being generated.

One can schedule content, which is dynamically shown on site.

Agile Experience

We have developed number of custom CMS based sites as well as customized various open source CMS. We have customized Joomla and WordPress based CMS, integrated various plugins with such sites. We have a portfolio explaining our work in detail.