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Get Widgets developed with Agile Infoways.

Widget Development

Widgets are portable code that can be installed and executed within any web page. Such applications code can be reused. Widgets can work as online tool or as an offline tool. They can be embedded into third party sites and applications.

Agile have a team of experienced developers who have developed few widgets using JavaScript, Flash, HTML and CSS. We have developed a widget application which prompts coupon code found on websites being accessed, another application for stock market application which outlines stock details.

Benefits of Widget applications

  • They come in many different forms and can appear on desktop or can be viewed on web.
  • They are mainly used to provide real time information.
  • Web widgets have been used in affiliate marketing for a number of years.
  • Desktop widgets reside on users desktop and accesses internet to provide information right at their desktop.
  • Social Media Widgets are most common type of widgets and are used to share and bookmark web pages.
  • Mobile Widgets are like desktop widgets, which can be accessed on any users mobile phone.