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Quality Assurance

AgileInfoways has been amongst some of the leading software testing services companies. whatever apps and websites we have made till date is all being MANUALLY tested by our highly qualified quality-assurance engineers which makes the app and website a perfect experience in terms to get the best benefits.

Independent Quality Assurance process would bring in enhanced results as this is their core competency.

Python Development

Hire dedicated Python developers, It produces the applications to empower you not only with effectiveness and high multi-level functionality but will open up new avenues to the success that you desire and deserve, through minimal efforts - maintenance & overheads.

We have defined the technologies/methodologies used for our python development, frameworks and libraries used, what are the different types of systems developed, skills/expertise defined.

Web2py Development

Web2py developers expert at AGILEInfoways Python based web development and Python software applications, comes with extensive technical exposure and are well-versed in all aspects of web development.

We have defined our detailed web2py python development methodologies we're using in our projects, industries we served, web2py frameworks and components, web application code libraries.

Toolbar Development

Hire toolbar developers from AGILEInfoways, we have successfully build and deployed legendary button toolbars as well as complex toolbar applications capable of dynamically formatting themselves at run-time based on already browsed web page.

Our toolbar development services are for all widely used browsers including Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer.

Toolbar & Plugin Browsers

Our web developers also custom-built toolbars depending on nonspecific frameworks as per your application needs & their wide experience of working on various web browsers & platform combinations; empower them to deliver high quality Browser Plug-in solutions that you desire and deserve.

Hire dedicated toolbar & browser plugin developers from AgileInfoways capable of designing and developing unique and precise toolbar add-on custom controls.

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