Windows Azure Applications

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Windows Azure Applications

We at AgileInfoways, help you exploit comprehensive benefits that Windows Azure as an open, flexible, and robust cloud computing platform offers. Our expertise will work to your advantage to rapidly build, implement, integrate and manage applications in Microsoft-managed cloud environments.

Windows Azure Application Development Service offerings :
Build swift Windows Azure proof-of-concept prototypes
Develop new cloud applications on Windows Azure
  • Engaging apps that could be published and sold through Windows Azure Marketplace
  • Integrate Windows Azure applications with existing business systems
  • Migration of existing applications to Windows Azure
  • Integrate or Migrate existing applications to work comprehensively with Windows Azure
  • Support & maintain Windows Azure applications

Hire Windows Azure developers from AgileInfoways, to reduce your initial infra investments and enhance business efficiency. Our expertise will be the key to rapid way for your product to hit the market and scale conveniently on demand. Our proven experience and expertise would help you leverage the power of cloud computing from anywhere on this globe by hosting your existing applications on Windows Azure. We also will help you extend your in-house applications to attain cloud interface, or build new cloud applications on Windows Azure from grass root level; if need be.

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