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Get Visual Basic based applications developed with Agile Infoways.


Visual Basic backed with .NET helps in the development of an Object Oriented Computer Language which overcomes the issues of original VB. It provides managed code execution that runs under the Common Language Runtime, resulting in robust, stable and secure applications. It helps VB developers to develop an Object Oriented application.

Benefits of VB.NET

  • VB.NET allows developing Object Oriented applications.
  • VB.NET uses XML to transfer data between the various layers in the DNA Architecture.
  • A better Error handling feature introduced in VB.NET.
  • As against VB single threaded application, VB.NET is free threading.
  • Security has become more robust in VB.NET.

Agile Experience

We have developed number of VB.NET based applications. These applications allowed user to manage resources, work and documents in the system. Such applications have helped in the management of documents over network securely.