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Get .NET based application, Content Management application, Ecommerce application, Web services, Desktop applications with Agile Infoways.

Microsoft Technologies are used widely for the development of dynamic web applications, web services, CMS application and web services. The advantage of using Microsoft Technologies is it provides robust programming model, ensure security of application. It runs on various servers and is supported by various platforms. Agile Infoways have best resources having extensive experience of developing ASP.NET, C#, JS, AJAX, VB.NET, Windows Forms, Telerik Controls, DNN and Crystal Reports.

Services we offer

Developing Custom Application – We have developed number of custom and dynamic applications for various domains. We have developed custom shopping cart using .NET, custom desktop applications and modules for various applications, which could be easily plugged with various applications. Our code will be commented, documented and modular, such modules will be easy to plug with various other applications.

Developing Content Management Application – We have developed custom Content Management Application as well as customized CMS like DNN. We impart training and guidance so that client can easily maintain his website.

Developing Ecommerce Application- We are specialized in developing custom E-commerce application and customizing various Open Source carts and merchant accounts. We have integrated various Payment methods and Shipping features with such applications. We have developed custom ecommerce site using Amazon, customized ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT applications.

Desktop Applications - We have developed number of desktop applications for the management of resources, work, applications, revenue, and inventory. Using JS, AJAX we have made UI user friendly. We have provided robust database with various applications, which supports large number of traffic and process users query easily.

Web Service Development - We have developed web services using XML and SOAP for transforming data using HTTP/HTTPS. We have integrated various third party web services with applications.