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Get Coldfusion based web applications developed with Agile Infoways.


Coldfusion is getting popular as a web application development and programming language which helps in generating dynamic websites. Coldfusion facilitates in developing reliable and dynamic applications like ecommerce applications, web applications for various domains. The visual programming, database and debugging tools in coldfusion studio accelerate development.

Benefits of Coldfusion

  • Coldfusion is a Rapid Application Development language which facilitates in creation of strong and compelling websites.
  • Coldfusion is an application server and a language.
  • Coldfusion server also supports various web servers on different platforms.
  • It is a commercial product that sports many integrated services not available otherwise.
  • Important features include business graphing, full text search and file upload handling utilities.

Agile Experience

We have developed few Coldfusion based applications which allows user to query, update, index and chart databases from any web browser. With coldfusion we have developed data driven applications. Coldfusion Markup Language is an extension of HTML and XML which makes it powerful yet easy language.