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C#, a multi-paradigm programming language with imperative, functional, generic, object-oriented and component-oriented programming disciplines. It is a simple, general purpose, object oriented programming language. The language is intended to be used in developing software components suitable for deployment in distributed environment.

Agile have a team of experienced web developers specialized Microsoft Technologies. We have written applications for both hosted and embedded systems using C#. We have developed chat application, directory submitter software, auction express and various desktop applications and widgets using C#.

Benefits of C#

  • C# language has a procedural, object-oriented syntax based on C++.
  • C# has a high degree of fidelity with C and C++.
  • C# is the most type safe language.
  • Type conversion is enforced sometimes at compile time and sometimes at run time.
  • C# becomes a great choice for architecting, offering a wide range of components from high-level business objects to system-level applications.
  • C# applications are economical with regards to memory and processing power requirements.