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ASP.NET is a server side Web application framework for making dynamic websites, released by Microsoft and gained a global dominance prior to the release of other open source frameworks in the market. Officially known as the WEB FORMS, provide the main building blocks for the application development. This service had caught the attention of the world and had rapid improvements from Microsoft, but current trends register a fall in the use of this framework.

However, business those who have the idea of what sophisticated applications can be built using ASP.NET ,still give an upper hand to this giant community with great support provided by Microsoft in terms of cost and services alike.


Some features that ASP.NET offers over other open source frameworks are:

  • Provides the best GUI features reducing the large bulk of codes required to build applications
  • Makes deployment easy as there is no need to register components
  • Provides crash shields and avoids memory leaks
  • Provides great scalability features from maintaining sessions to load balancing

ASP.NET Development at AGILE:

Our .Net is the team is home to high professionalism and endurance with technology. With Microsoft certified professionals who are detail oriented and proficient in handling most complex systems with simplicity and come up with elegant solutions ranging from large CRM Systems, Social Networking sites, Virtual Health Services, Auction and Bidding to small business web applications!