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  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
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Windows 8 Apps Development

It was year 2010, since then the Windows Phone has never looked back and has been steadily winning over the market of mobile domain. Windows smartly used a common runtime between Windows Phone and Windows 8 conveniently introducing porting of apps between the two platforms.

Our technical strength on Windows Phone 8 Programming:
  • Windows 8 Metro UX ( WinRT API) technology
  • XAML /C# or DirectX/C++ native code development for apps and games
  • HTML5/CSS3 programming
  • Strong experience in .Net Framework

Developers at AgileInfoways are used to with the complexities of the new Metro Style design and are equipped to develop Windows 8 Metro apps which can be deployed on x86/64 and ARM devices, conveniently. Over all these years Windows has gained immense potential to be a great success. We at AgileInfoways realize the importance of Windows as a platform; and hence have a team equipped with Window's expertise who also understands your needs of business growth including:

  • Cloud and Skydrive Integration
  • Core Graphics, UI Designing
  • InApp Purchases (Payment Gateway Integration, Paypal), Push Notifications
  • Location Framework, WinMaps Integration
  • pubCenter, Microsoft Advertising SDK
  • Windows Media Player, Audio and Video Streaming
  • Windows Phone Compass
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