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Upgrade iPhone Apps

We are a firm believer of being in tune with tomorrow and hence to cope up with recent requirements we can certainly help you upgrade your existing iOS 7 apps to iOS 8 with iPhone 6 compatibility. YES, you heard it right…we have already started working for our clients who were inclined towards new Apple operating system. Our upgraded apps are in-sync with features of iOS 8; irrespective of the Apple device an individual is using. Your current apps with existing iOS 7 are working fine as of now; however that motive to create more scalable Apple apps capable of working with full potential, offering enhanced user experience and fulfilling latest trend requirements, is what makes it much more necessary to upgrade.

World is rejoicing the new and innovative OS soon to be available for mobile app Dev/Test teams. However, not to forget that it will walk in with new and enhanced functionalities, features and various other challenges including backward compatibility, new use cases, security and performance aspects to the running apps.

People are all set to use apps, but not all of them are going to venture too far and will settle down with bundle options or maybe anything that is available at the top of the App Store charts, which means they would feel satisfied with plain old cake donut whereas they can conveniently have strawberry and Nutella crepe to tickle their taste buds. We offer assistance in replacing your everyday apps to offer better time using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Upgrade Phone to iGVoice
  • Upgrade Contacts to Smartr Contacts
  • Upgrade Calendar to Fantastical
  • Upgrade Calculator to Quick Graph
  • Upgrade Photo Stream to Pogoplug
  • Upgrade Photo Stream to PhotoSync
  • Upgrade Camera to Camera+ for photos
  • Upgrade Camera to iPhoto for editing
  • Upgrade Camera to KitCam for Videos
  • Upgrade Notes to Evernote 
  • Upgrade Clock to Alarm Clock HD 
  • Upgrade Mail to Sparrow
  • Upgrade Twitter to Tweetbot
  • Upgrade Music to Ecoute
  • Upgrade Messages to Imo Messenger 
  • Upgrade Maps to Google Maps
  • Upgrade Weather to Dark Sky
  • Upgrade Podcasts to Instacast
  • Upgrade Reminders to Clear 
  • Upgrade Cards to Ink Cards
  • Upgrade Siri to Google Search, Evi, Speaktoit Assistant, Try Dragon Go and much more….!!!

Team at AgileInfoways is well equipped with required tools to help them develop and test the apps on multiple platforms that support real devices, to cope up with these challenges and nuances.

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