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  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
  • Longterm business relationship
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A CRM Platform
  • - Is an approach to recognize, bring in and keep the clients sustained for an organizing body.
  • - That is used to manage customer relations keeping the organization’s consumers in focus.
  • - And interlinks the working of different departments in a company, whether located in same of different geographical areas.
Here are few of the general features included in the CRM systems:
  • Client Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Employee Co-ordination
  • Tasks and Schedules
  • File Sharing
  • Analytics
  • Surveys
  • SMS or E-Mail Integration and Campaigns
  • Sales Analysis
  • Organizing Sales Performance

Industry wise CRM Solutions we have created



Customer Communication & Management System

  • SMS / E-Mail Campaigns
    Reach large number of people through SMS and Email Campaign using this simple CRM tool. Manage and Control the number of SMSes that can be sent per day while sending bulk SMSes.
  • SMS Survey for client feedback
    • Feedback from customers via SMS
    • Surveys for Customers and the statistics Via SMS
  • Calendar module
    Set tasks or appointments and reschedule them in the calendar module of the Application Repeat the Appointments just by the click of a button.
  • Reminder templates
    • Automated reminders for reminding about the upcoming tasks or appointments set in the Calendar module
  • Customer import using .csv, .xls, or .xlsv files
    • Insert / Update customer details from the Spreadsheets into the application.
  • Inbox Interface
    • Get the mobile inbox in a web page for purchased phone numbers
    • Representatives of the Company shall be able to communicate with the customers from computer to cellphone via text.
    • View replies to the feedback template from the inbox module

Machine / Quote Management

  • Quote Template
    • Template used is based on Brand and Model of Machine.
  • Manage quotes
    • Admin or Sales staff can create or update quote based on brand and model.
    • Can send quote in PDF format to Customers/Dealers
    • Each quote can have accessories of brand and model
    • Quote letter shall be dynamically generated with tags
  • Customer and Dealer Management
    • Add / Edit / Remove contacts
    • One user can have multiple contacts
    • Manage notes customer wise
  • Machine Inventory
    • Admin / sales staff can manage machinery with stocks status [New, Sold, etc.], machine images or documents
    • This can be associated with customers
  • Accessories management
    • Add / edit / delete accessories based on brand and model
  • Reminders
    • Automated reminders for pre-set tasks like services, delivery, etc
  • Service Reports

    Used when machinery service is required. Fill up details like date, customer name, machine name, reason for service, travel cost, rates, parts, etc.


Events / Photography

  • Event Map
    • Map showing events to be held
  • Affiliate System
    • Event hosts can assign available affiliates, set preferences for further events
  • Booking
    • Visitors can book events
  • Calendar
    • Add tasks, events, view events, listing follow up events, reschedule events
  • Dashboard
    • Shows events, bookings, guests, affiliate details, event status
  • Email
    • Send email with dynamic email templates.
    • Registration / event / event reminder / affiliate schedule
  • Schedule
    • Event schedule
    • Admin / host manage affiliate schedule
  • Referral System
    • Commission for each referral of events or affiliates

Business Listing / Web Services

  • Lead Generation and Distribution
    • Create and search leads as per categories
  • Web Services
    • Get website space, create domain, host and launch your own website
  • Activity Tracker
    • Set activities and track until completion
  • Online Communication
    • 1-1 and Conference Calling as a VoIP service + Live Chat Module
  • Handshake
    • Create connections
  • Documents
    • Create / Update / Delete / search / Print / E-mail documents in doc , pdf, txt, docx formats
  • Quote System
    • Visitors can choose how many quotes they want to receive
    • Visitors get thank you message via email
    • Quote form is available on dashboard
  • Invoice Systems
    • PDF Invoice generation and Credit System
  • Standard System Features
    • Registration Levels: Member, Coach, Broker
    • Reporting
    • Messaging
    • Payment Gateways
  • Other Features
    • Reputation Builder
    • Simple Bookkeeping
    • E-Signatures
    • Online Briefcase
    • Web Trust Seals