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Why Agile infoways
  • 10 yrs of experience
  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
  • Longterm business relationship
What Our Clients are Saying About us?

AGILEInfoways has the ability to deliver robust software solutions for travel & hospitality industry to meet their requirements related to reservation processing, travel schedule setup, airline bookings and other functions. The company further includes domain-specific experts who are well versed with the goings-on of the industry with several connections related to the industry. Companies today are always in constant competition with each other to attract and retain their customers through diverse marketing channels including the online ones including websites, social media sites, and even traditional avenues. It is challenging for such companies to survive without resorting to enterprise mobility which can facilitate the users to connect better with them. The mobile world enables greater reach and also offers several means to improve on employee efficiency. A pervasive online presence especially on social media sites can boost brand reputation too. But the right strategy needs to be implemented here.

The travel & hospitality industry is witnessing increased popularity and this business is booming since global leisure activity is demanded by one and all. The industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years and the progress aptly represents its importance for economic growth. Companies related to the industry have a huge set of regulations to comply and require streamlined operations to provide uninterrupted service to clients. This is when AGILEInfoways plays its part and our experienced and dedicated teams make it possible for our clients in Tourism Industry to gain more and more customers.

We have been regularly developing applications that support multi-lingual interfaces which are best suited for travel & hospitality industry for global utility. The company's consulting experts combine their extensive travel & hospitality domain knowledge with the expertise of the software engineers for developing tailored solutions to the specific needs of clients. We have offered our services to the industry to meet challenges including volatile media options, difficulty to deliver personalized experience to a diverse set of demographics, and innovative strategies to withstand withering loyalties of the people. Hotels and restaurants can overcome these hurdles effectively by introducing a new level of engagement with its customers.

AGILEInfoways proves to be an able partner by helping the industry players to reshape their ventures to suit the market conditions through technological assistance for a unique end user experience. We partner our clients to create a venture which is born of the future leveraging mobility, social media strength, and sustainable development for a better bottom-line. By enhancing existing business systems, AGILEInfoways tries to deliver the best and provide maximum value with tailored solutions. We believe in addressing evolving user issues by delivering personalized guest experiences. We help our clients to implement lean IT environments and encourage minimal downtime with robust systems integration and hassle-free infrastructure services.

Travel & Hospitality Service offerings:
  • Application development – integration & implementation of Booking and Reservation Systems
  • Business Intelligence reports & dashboards
  • CRM - Loyalty & Rewards system development and integration
  • e-commerce and Merchandising
  • Migration and Development – Legacy systems
  • Mobility solutions
  • Social media analytics
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