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AgileInfoways specializes in offering custom social networking website developments fastened with features that you need for your external or internal social systems. Depending on the requirements of the social site that you want to make, we deliver tailored social sites. Our collective knowledge and experience helps us to provide you with interactive communities and social networks across diverse industry segments and verticals. Social features which include user profiles, chat options, notifications, link sharing, and discussion forums are embedded seamlessly in our offerings so that the users are kept informed and engaged with the site features.

Social Networking sites have in recent years become the common means of communication between different types of people as they rule the web world with the most traffic concentrating on social sites. AgileInfoways delivers the advanced features & functionalities required for developing social sites, and offers instant sharing options and a lot more for engaging people.

Organizations believe that it is important to be sensitive to customers' need for better success in businesses. They try to make use of different social networking elements on their website for pulling in traffic and promote their products and services. AgileInfoways leverages innovative social elements for better interaction between the user and the vendor through social networking application development services thus delivering the required edge for increased revenue.

We make use of the best and the most advanced technologies for developing social networking sites with multiple features that can boost your ROI. We are committed to deliver apt social solutions that can drive the productivity of your staff through better interactivity and communication. Our social sites help keep your customers engaged with positive branding.

Our software professionals and developers are committed to provide quality solutions for the social networks for a plethora of enterprise needs and even encourage integration with top social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social networking solutions offerings:
  • Application building for social networking sites (Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, LinkedIn, Hi5, twitter)
  • Appropriate content creation for social bookmarking
  • Community Solutions
  • Corporate Reputation & Compliance
  • Designs for your Myspace, Twitter or YouTube pages
  • Enhance interactivity through email campaigns & newsletters
  • Enterprise social Integration
  • Integration of blogs - forums - RSS
  • Podcasts for various Podcast directories
  • Social media monitoring & marketing (enhanced website likability, ease of tagging & bookmarking)
  • Social networking site updates & management
  • Strategy & consulting
  • Traffic generation to your website through social networks
  • Viral marketing & viral advertising
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