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Why Agile infoways
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AgileInfoways Pvt. Ltd. is among the most reputed IT companies serving a wide range of domains to improvise their business making use of the IT sector. we cater the best solutions for development of business specific website design and emphasize more sophisticatedly on mobile app making. Have a look at few of the industries for which we deliver our expertise.

Education and e-Learning

Knowledge transfer through websites and mobile applications is a great move towards advancement in education systems. Management of students and alumni, online assessment, Campus even based app development, are few of the many modules that benefits the learning system.

AgileInfoways is into the development of Learning Management Systems, Institute specific course display or campus event based site creation. We pay heed to consulting the client regarding the in depth functionality like tutorial uploads, video demonstration, teachers - parents notification updates, etc. as a part of larger complex projects. Apart from that, business growth can be considered a key towards building e-training applications.

Financial Services

Banking & finance service department is now growing secure & gaining importance. Most organizations as well as individuals are now relying upon e-payment & wallet handling systems. Banks are on hands now and the deposit, withdrawals and other data can be easily had an eye upon. AgileInfoways provides a systematic approach to development of such web or mobile applications showing its worth.


Enterprises & Manufacturing organizations must know the value of growing their IT Infrastructure. Preferring to stick specific to the domain they deal with or a general software development common for all products, it’s all okay to own an application in order to increase productivity. Here at AgileInfoways you get the best business solutions from procurement to delivery, staying up to date with each move in the industry.

Social Network

All of us know how fast the society is advancing with the use of a Social network. Agileinfoways brings about a specialization in building social network based on varied realms. A culinary art based social network site, for entertainment or other purposes a well functioned social network application. Integration of forums, sharing options, content creation, community creation, affiliates, all becomes a core part of the applications developed here.


Industry works on the base of communications. Applications for easy communications and file transfers are extremely needed. Making it secure is even more important. AgileInfoways takes it all into consideration while developing each and every module involved in such site buildup.

E-Commerce and Retail Solutions

Before the development of E-Commerce solutions it is important to have a complete understanding of the project to be worked upon. Having dealt with such Trade based sites, Agileinfoways now has expertise at developing E-Commerce and Retail solutions. Find our Industry Portfolio, to get more details about our services - Request more information.