SpeechTrans Translator

USA: +1-(585)-216-9993

USA: 954-410-8070

India: +91-79-40050063

SpeechTrans is a Windows app which utilize Speech Translation in 28 Languages with Sidebar tie up. You need not to type again.

SpeechTrans Translator

It is specified into the App that it reads back what you said in realistic Text To Speech Voices order to confirm accuracy! Speechtrans Windows Store App is a Metro Style app (Uses XAML, C#.NET) Implements XMPP Protocol for communication. Uses Nuget packages for ASR.


  • SpeechTrans has Speech Recognition and Voice Output in the different 28 Languages
  • Ability to Cut and paste text from other APPS for it to be read aloud and translated
  • App Requires a Data Connection to translate  
  • Metro Style app
  • Uses XAML, C#.NET
  • Implements XMPP Protocol for communication
  • Uses Nuget packages for ASR