SpeechTrans Dictation

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SpeechTrans Dictation app of Windows store your dictations in the cloud & view dictation history, send to One Note, Twitter, facebook, email, phones, devices and many more.

SpeechTrans Dictation

Get yourself free from Typing. Just Use the most appropriate Speech Recognition engine powered by Nuance, makers of Dragon Naturally speaking for Speech to text, Text to Speech! Links to your Microsoft account so your dictations stay secure and you can see them.


  • Voice Recognition Powered By Nuance without Training in 28 Languages!
  • Auto Text to speech with highest quality voices
  • Email Spoken Text
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter
  • Copy Speech Recognized Text and Paste to ANY App
  • Paste ANY Text and have it read to you
  • Powered by Nuance, makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking