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Case Studies


Step 1

The Challenge

  • Video sharing social networking application competent to Instagram world number 1 social networking app.
  • Real-time video streaming and offline support.
Step 2

Our Approach

  • Record up to 60 seconds video of you performing live or going over an instrumental track you have on your phone.
  • Upload it to your profile to be heard by the world. Get your music out there, invite your friends to support you and boost your popularity.
  • Compete with musicians in challenges for different prizes, including a chance to make music with your idols.
  • Discover new music your friends are sharing.
  • Vote for your friends and help them on their way to stardom.
Step 3

The Results

  • Fulfilled all requirements from client, event satisfied some suggestions for social sharing aspects.
  • App Successfully published with all OS version support.

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