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Case Studies


Step 1

The Challenge

  • Main Challenge of application is to bring user and restaurant to one platform.
  • Users can easily plan, invite friends, pay for night out, manage the logistics, budgets and financial transactions.
  • Restaurant to provide most effective way to reach customers who have already committed time and money to go out.
  • The application to be able to perform in real time, performance-driven and secure environment.
Step 2

Our Approach

  • For solving the challenge of a reliable, concurrent and fast backend, we select Node.js for our web services and MongoDB for the database.
  • Processing payments in a safe sandbox like environment was not an easy part.
  • We followed AES-256 encryption algorithm standard for saving as well as transmitting data in encrypted form.
  • We defined the good architecture for our codebase and followed clean architecture for our Android app and viper architecture for our iOS application.
Step 3

The Results

  • FoodUp provide user to find the best deals around you and let the restaurants bid on your events.
  • For a merchant, you will have the opportunity to broadcast your services and deals to the large user base and send bids for thousands of events created by users and earn money.