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Why Agile infoways
  • 10 yrs of experience
  • Expertise on multiple platforms
  • Use of project management tool
  • Client base in different countries
  • Longterm business relationship

We at AgileInfoways are enlightened that giving ample space to employees to express their skills is what will give us that competitive edge. We ensure to cultivate companionship amongst our employees and not just "working relations" that dissolve out after office hours. Company grows and along with you grow – with a focus on customer satisfaction, this has been incorporated to every employee. We garner every meeting - phone call and e-mail as an important opportunity to enhance the relationship to make a positive impact on company's success.

At AgileInfoways, how we perform together is as important as the end products that we develop. The team is effective as knowledge transfer takes place at every level from each other. Along with customers and partners, we find value insight from all areas of the company, equally important. This is what helps us stay ahead of competitors & create valued software solutions that make everyone's work lives easier.

AgileInfoways Leadership Team…!!! Together we have and we will….!!!

Businesses keep growing to global identities, while uncertain market conditions will take its toll inheriting the tensions, making it mandatory to have efficient and effective leadership. A leadership team that has clear wisdom of perseverance, right kind of people for well informed decision making process & of course the ability and vision to bring about a change ahead of the curve; are the hallmarks of a successful leadership team.

  • Ranjan Prajapati
    Ranjan Prajapati
    Delivery Head / Project Manager PHP, Mobile & .NET
  • Paul Paunikar
    Prashant Shishodia ( Paul )
    Manager BDM & BA
  • Ruchir Shah
    Ruchir P. Shah
    Team Lead Mobile
  • Riti Shah
    Riti Shah
    Project Lead Web & Mobile
  • Jaisal Shah
    Jaisal S. Shah
    Team Lead Android, PhoneGAP & Titanium
  • Ravi Veliyat
    Ravi C. Veliyat
    Project Lead PHP
  • Rajan Sheth
    Rajan Sheth
    Team Lead PHP
  • Gaurang Acharya
    Gaurang Acharya
    Senior System Administrator
  • Mahesh Kantariya
    Mahesh Kantariya
    Team Lead UI/UX Creative Design
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